Clothing and Armor

Glasses: They are glasses.  

Auto Holster: This contraption straps your weapon to you arm and with the press of a button you can automatically equip the weapon.  Equipping and unequipping the weapon attached to the Auto Holster is a free action.

Hookshot:  A grappling hook that can be shot to hook onto stuff and be pulled to the location.  

Hover board: A board that can be stood on that hovers slightly over the ground.  Hover board riders must make a ride check to stay on and in control.  If they have experience with a hover board they get a +2.  Hover boards provide +2 to pace and ignore most difficult terrain.  They can also travel over water.

Legs: No not the kind dangling from your trunk.  These are mechanical legs used for carrying goods and supplies along difficult terrain.  They can go almost anywhere a human can.  They look like just a pair of robotic legs with a platform on top for placing your goods.  They usually don't but they can fall down sometimes.  It is adorable when they do.


Ancient Goods and Luxuries

Ancient Liquor:  A bottle of liquor created before the Apocalypse.  It is incredibly valuable and many aristocrats covet it.  It is suppose to be the most delicious drink in the world but many also claim that it tastes awful.

Ancient Music Box:  A small smooth rectangle that could fit easily into a pocket.  When activated it plays a song.  



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