Rise is a city that levitates in the air above a small mountain.  It is composed mostly of many large pristine cylindrical buildings floating around each other.  They move and float slowly, constantly changing position among themselves.   There is no apparent way to get up to them.  There is no connection to the ground, or no ferries go between the ground and the building.  

Below the floating cylinders are the rubble of several other buildings.  They look like the ones floating above but they are cracked open and destroyed.  They lay there like corpses among the titans above them.  At the base of the mountain there is a large circular opening that leads into the mountain.  This is the entrance to Rise.  There are circular pads on the ground that the Risians will sometimes appear from.  The inhabitants of Rise often meet with people here to conduct trading and impress the people with their technology. 

The people of Rise seem to be humans.  Though they are taller than most people that grow up on the ground.  They are prominently set apart by their use of technology though.  Unlike many other humans they are not frightened of technology.  They use it often and with great familiarity with it.  Risians are often seen using technology to do everything from levitating, protecting themselves, navigation, and even aesthetic enhancements, such as holographic clothing.

They usually do not allow other people into their home.  The closest most people get is the entrance hall at the bas of the mountain.


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