The Temple of the Venerated

The Temple of the Venerated is the primary religion of Golgotha.  It developed after the apocalypse and worships several influential figures from that time.  Most humans in Golgotha consider themselves followers of the Temple if not active participants.  The heads of the Temple have a great deal of power and have influenced many governments over Golgotha.


The belief system of the Temple centers around the teachings of 4 prominent figures from around the time of the apocalypse. They each had a role in the apocalypse or in establishing society just afterwards.  There is The Physician, The Scientist, The Archivist, and The Engineer.  Followers of the Temple believe that by following the teachings of these individuals they will be have happy lives and be blessed.

The Archivist

The Archivist was someone who saw the impending doom.  So he collected and gathered all the sacred texts so that the society could rebuild once it had fallen.  Once the apocalypse had occurred he then dedicated himself to documenting the events and recording the history of Golgotha.  A green open book is often used as a symbol to represent them.

The Archivist is used to teach followers the importance of knowledge and education.  He is revered by librarians, historians, archeologists, and many other academics.

The Engineer

The Engineer was a worker at a weapons factory before the Apocalypse.  She built the weapons and automata that ravage the world and killed countless people.  After the Apocalypse she saw the destruction that they did and vowed to put her knowledge to good use.  She built tools, homes, farms and other not killy things.  A red gear with a compass inside is often used as a symbol to represent them.

The story of the Engineer is used to teach followers what to build in their own lives.  She taught people to build relationships, communities, and other things that help people and do not destroy.

The Physician

The Physician was a medical doctor who worked during the great war to save as many lives as he could.  He treated soldiers and civilians of both sides of the conflict.  After the war he set up hospitals and healed the injured.  He also taught and trained new doctors so that they could go out and help others.  Today almost all doctors of Golgotha studied what the Physician did and how he applied his medicines.  A blue caduceus is often used as a symbol to represent them.

The Physician is used to teach people compassion and that all life is sacred.  Doctors, nurses, barbers and other health workers usually worship the Physician.  His teachings are also usually quoted when opposing war or violence.

The Scientist

The Scientist was a research scientist at a university.  She researched a way to destroy all the war machines that were fighting over their world.  She created the device that caused The Technolysis.  This device was used to shut down and destroy all the machines and technology on and over the world.  This allowed people to get back to their proper place in the world and not be distracted by the evils of technology.  A yellow double helix is often used as a symbol to represent them.

The story of the Scientist is used to teach people to stand up to what is wrong in the world.  

The Sacred Texts

The Temple's sacred text is called the Omnibus.  It is composed of the writings of the Venerated along with several other texts from the preapocalypse times.  There are 4 books in the Omnibus.  One for each of the Venerated.  Each book is composed of 3 parts, a biography of the individual Venerated, the writings of the specific Venerated, and what is essentially a textbook on their field.  For instance, the last part of the Engineer's book is the basic physics and knowledge that would be required for an engineer to know.  The last section of the physician's book is filled with knowledge about anatomy and medicine.

The Sacred Script

The Sacred Script is the language of the Temple.  The religion's sacred texts are written in this language and all the priests know how to read and write this language.  Most outside of the temple do not know how to read it.  It appears a bit different than other languages in Golgotha.  It has strange spacing and organization and it is full of weird squiggly lines.

The Temple of the Venerated

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