Golgotha is a world torn apart by an ancient war.  The evidence of this war litters the land in the form of remains of giant mechs and robots.  Golgotha is one of 5 moons of a much larger gas giant in a solar system with 12 planets.

Peoples and Races

There are many different kinds of people inhabiting Golgotha today.  These include FormicaHumans, Pangolins, Hopkin and possibly others.  Each race is quite different and has a great deal of diversity among them.  They all seem to have developed separately on different land masses but have begun to discover each other and interact.  There are also many nations that claim land on Golgotha.  These include the Awker Empire, and The Temple of the Venerated


The geography of Golgotha is defined by the ancient war.  The cities are built in ruins, there are mountains created from the remains of mechs, valleys are carved from ancient weapons.  The terrain does vary greatly though.  There are mountains, forests, deserts, and grasslands.  In each of these biomes the destroyed mechs cover the land.  In the desert giant automaton sink into the sand, islands are formed out of the metal hulls of war machines, mechanical beasts cling to the sides of mountains.  Before the war there was 1 large continent and a few large islands.  The war tore the land apart and separated the continent into 4 large land masses.

North Western Island(HyperBorea)

North Eastern Island(Thule)

South Western Island(Mu)

South Eastern Island(Lemuria)

South Other Notable Locations

The Deadlands:  This area was heavily affected by the fighting.  Much of the land has been destroyed in this region and what remains is irradiated, barren and hostile.   No one is known to live in these areas and they can be incredibly dangerous.  Sometimes expeditions will venture into the Deadlands.  The expeditions rarely make it back out but when they do, they return with some amazing technologic marvels.  


There are some prominent cities and ruined cities sprinkled throughout Golgotha.

Mountain City:  This city was built up on the face of a concave mountain face.  There used to be large lifts to move people up and down the face of this mountain and trolleys across the valley to bring you from one side to the other.  It had some of the most amazing views in Goglotha.  Npw it has a large ruined mech corpse standing in the city.  This enormous titan reaches from one side of the city to the other.

Island City:  inspired by Nan Madol.  This city was built on man made islands.  It spreads out a great distance from the coastline.  There are thousands of smaller buildings only a few stories tall.  each one on it's own small island.  People would get around the city on small boats for the most part.  There are also small bridges and walkways connecting islands throughout the islands.  Today large portions of this city is underwater.

University City:  It was a small city built around a university.  It is not inhabited anymore.  There was beautiful gardens and landscapes with sparse buildings strewn throughout.  Underneath was a labyrinth of laboratories and research areas.  Now the plant life has reclaimed a great deal of it.

Desert City:  This city was a jewel of the desert.  It was surrounded by sand and heat but the city itself was a gorgeous oasis.  There was tons of water and shit.  I don't know it was cool.

Icarus City:  This is a city that has developed out of the crashed remains of a colony ship.  Even though most of the systems are not functioning many people still live within it.  They continue to use many of the living quarters, life support systems, and farms on the ship.  Despite many people living in the ship there are still areas of the craft that are uninhabited.  Many of the engine rooms and other vital ship sections are incredibly hazardous because of poisons or radiation.  People do not go to those sections of the ship.

City City:  This was a large sprawling city with many skyscrapers.  Today many of the skyscrapers have fell and most of the city is in ruin and uninhabited.  Today there is still a city within the ruins.  They inhabit the core downtown area of the city.  The large skyscrapers are scaled using manually powered elevators and stairs.  The inhabited area of the city only takes up a small portion of the original city.  the inhabited portion is surrounded by walls and protections.  The ruins span out for miles around the city and are often filled with bandits and wildlife.  

Rise: This is a floating city that is still inhabited by humans.  It is composed of several floating cylinders above a small mountain.  The people are somewhat reclusive but are known for their use and mastery of technology. 


The Cataclysm was the largest defining event in the history of Golgotha.  

Before The Cataclysm

The world before The Cataclysm was vastly different than what it is today.  Golgotha was suppose to be a Garden of Eden created from technology and science.  The ancient peoples had technology to control everything, even the weather.  They lived easy lives just working on their next advance or their next breakthrough.  Ancient people would come from all over the universe to visit and study on Golgotha.  Eventually, war came to Golgotha though.  It is claimed to be because of a super weapon that was being developed on  Golgotha.  Golgotha The battle at Golgotha was incredibly large.  This battle is now known as The Cataclysm on Golgotha.

After the Cataclysm

After The Cataclysm and the use of The Final Weapon almost everything on Golgatha was destroyed.  Even the continent was ripped asunder.  Cities lied in ruins, mechs fell motionless, and few people remained alive.  Slowly people began to rebuild.  They founded new towns and began forming smaller societies.  Eventually, The Temple of the Venerated was founded and began spreading across Golgotha.  Around this time the Formica also began forming the first super colony.  


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