The Hopkin are a race of frog people.  Hop hop hop!  They are amphibious creatures that inhabit bodies of water.  They have strong legs and moist skin.

Physiology & Diet

The Hopkin are quite diverse.  They live in swamps, forests and even deserts.  Their color and appearance varies greatly.  Some are green and brown and lumpy and others are quite colorful and vibrant.  Hopkin of all tribes have a lot in common though.

The Hopkin are quite stout people.  They stand about half as tall as most humans but are rather thick.  They have incredibly powerful legs that allow them to jump and run with great ease but have short stubby arms.  They also have a long tongue some of them can use to grab small objects.  It can be shot out with surprising alacrity and is quite sticky.  Hopkin are amphibious creatures. They have lungs but are able to pull oxygen from water through their skin.  They are also excellent swimmers.

The Hopkin eat a wide variety of things.  Hopkin usually subsist on a diet of insects, worms, snails, and slugs.  They usually do not cook their food but they do prepare meals and mix their food with various plants for flavoring.  


Tribe Life

The Hopkin live in tribes in secluded areas around Golgotha.  They are usually found in swamps, oasis, and other shallow bodies of water.  Their tribes are usually rather small consisting of around 100 – 200 individuals.  The tribe is not broken up into families.  Hopkin children are raised together.

Their tribes are broken up into 3 groups.  There are the Caregivers, the Hunters, and the Crafters.  The Caregivers are the Hopkin who oversee births and care for the young until they reach adulthood.  The Hunters are the individuals who go out and hunt for food for the tribe.  They will also bring back any useful gadgets or goods that they find while hunting.  The Crafters are the Hopkin who stay in the tribe's camp and do various tasks.  They guard the camp, build shelters, craft tools, and prepare food.  Each group within the tribe has a chief that rules over their group.  The three chiefs together make decisions that concern the entire tribe.  Different Hopkin tribes have slightly different variations on this structure.  Some have more groups and others group their tribe differently.

Dealing with Others

Hopkin usually try to avoid other races.  They try to remain hidden and secluded with their own people.  However, sometimes individual Hopkin leave their tribe and will find themselves living among the other races.  These Hopkin usually leave their people because they have been banished, their tribe decimated, or they just didn't fit in.

Other races look down on the Hopkin.  They think of them as simpletons and savages.  They are not usually thought of as a serious threat but are often used as a scapegoat for smaller towns.  If cattle go missing or disease starts to spread people usually blame the local Hopkin tribe.  Stray Hopkin do not usually fare to well in cities.  They are looked at as slimy and gross.  Hopkins have difficulty finding work and places to live in larger cities.


Most Hopkin tribes have little interaction with ancient technology.  Most other races believe the Hopkin too stupid to use ancient technology.  They do not actively search for it and their habitats have usually been stripped of it by other races.  However, they have been known to use it when they come across it.  Some tribes have been seen using energy weapons and other gadgets.  


Agile:  usuallyHopkin are more agile thank most others.  They start with a d6 in Agility and it can be raised to d12+2.

Aquatic Nature:  The Hopkin are at home in the water.  They cannot not drown in oxygenated water, has a free d6 in Athletics(Strength), and moves at her full swimming in the water.

Dehydration:  The Hopkin rely on the water.  If they do not get enough they will suffer.  The Hopkin must immerse themself in water for an hour every day or become fatigued each day until incapacitated.  The next day they die.

Racial Edges:

These edges can be acquired just like other edges but only Hopkin may choose them.  They are novice edges.

Prehensile Tongue:  This Hopkin has the ability to grab things with their long tongue.  They can attempt to grab items, pull tricks, disarm opponents, or trip people within 3".  (Tripping an opponent will work like a push except the characters must make opposed Agility rolls and the target can only be knocked prone on a success.)

Drought Resistant: This Hopkin comes from a tribe that has become particularly resistant to drought and dry conditions.  They can last for a week without immersing themselves in water before suffering the fatigued condition.  This edge must be taken at character creation.

Poisonous:  This Hopkin comes from a tribe that has developed poison glands on it's skin.  With a successful touch attach, the victim must make a Vigor roll or suffer a level of fatigue.  This is recovered after 1 hour.  Multiple attacks can stack fatigue levels and can cause incapacitation but not death.  This edge must be taken at character creation.


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