Pangolins are one of the sentient species that inhabit Golgotha.

Physiology & Diet

Pangolins are larger than humans and stand at about 10 feet.  They have 2 arms, 2 legs and a tail.  They have a hunched posture with their arms usually hanging near the ground and are balanced out by their tail.  Pangolins are also covered in hard keratin scales that protect them from danger and have large sharp claws on each hand.  The appearance of their scales can vary from a light brown color to almost black with bright tips.  Pangolin's tails are not prehensile and are used mainly for balance.

Pangolins eat a variety of different insects.  They usually cook them in their exoskeleton before eating them.  Pangolins will often hunt large scorpions and other large insects.  Some even attack and eat Formica.

While the Pangolins are a very hardy people they do sometimes suffer from disease.  Recently, a disease known as thePhage has been spreading through many Pangolin communities.



Most pangolins do not work together.  They will usually live solitary lives but will sometimes work together in order to achieve a larger goal.  A trader might hire another for some extra muscle or a mine owner may allow others to work there for a piece of the miner's profits.  Sometime settlements have even popped up as places for traders to exchange their wares.

For most of their history they have not claimed any large tracks of land.  In the past few dozen generation the [[Awker Empire]] has developed in their homeland though.  Not much is known about the empire but it has begun encroaching on many lands traditionally inhabited by Formica.  

In Other Lands

Pangolins do not usually socialize much with other races.  In the lands of other races they usually become traders or outlaws.  Traders travel from town to town buying and selling goods.  They will become somewhat known in the areas they frequent but wont develop any strong relationships.  In areas without much protection or defenses they will become raiders and looters.  These bandits are usually quite fearsome.  Because they work alone or in small groups, they become skilled warriors that are adept at taking on multiple enemies at once.


Pangolins don't usually find much use in advanced technology.  They depend on themselves and their own talents instead of little gadgets.  They do have a few signature crafts though.  From their scales they fashion armor for their usually unprotected underbelly.  With the hair from their underbelly they will fashion large bags and satchels that they carry on their back while traveling.  


Racial Abilities:

Big and Scaly:  Pangolins are quite large and are covered in thick scales.  This means they are a size category larger and extra tough.  They receive +1 toughness and are difficult to fit into small holes.

Sharp Claws:  Pangolins have large claws on their hands that do Str+d6 damage and are great for digging.

Arts and Crafts:  All Pangolins are taught at a young age how to make many useful types of gear and clothing.  They begin with a d4 in Knowledge(crafting).

Racial Enemy:  Pangolins have been known to hunt and eat Formica.  Most Formica are naturally fearful and hate Pangolins.  Pangolins suffer -4 Charisma when dealing with Formica.

Bad Eyes:  Pangolins naturally have poor eyesight.  Without glasses they suffer a -2 penalty to to any Trait roll made to Shoot, Throw, or Notice something more than 5''(10 yards) away.  Glasses have a 50% chance of being knocked off when the individual is wounded.

Racial Edges:

These edges can be acquired just like other edges but only Pangolins may choose them.  They are novice edges.

Sharpened Claws: This Pangolin takes care of his claws and makes sure they are as sharp as they can be.  Her claws do Str+d8 damage.

Hardened Scales:   The scales of this Pangolin are harder than most and protect against more damage.  The scales provide the Pangolin with an extra +1 toughness.

Pangolin Crafting:   Pangolins traditionally craft armor out of their own scales along with other things.  An individual with this edge gains a +2 on checks made to craft simple objects such as armor clothing or simple devices.

Pangolin Trading:   Pangolins make shrewd traders.  This edge provides the individual a +2 when making trait rolls related to bartering or trading.


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