The phage is a deadly disease that has begun to spread on Golgotha in the last few years.  It has primarily affected Pangolins but has started to spread through some human settlements.  Once the infection spreads through an individual there is no known cure.  


Since the disease has mostly been observed in Pangolins, the symptoms listed may not apply to other races.  

The disease usually starts out as an infection some sort of wound.  Necrotic tissue develops around the wound.  At this point the disease can be cured if the necrotic tissue if fully removed and the wound is healed rapidly.  If the wound is left to heal on its own or the not all of the necrotic tissue is removed then the infection starts spreading throughout the body and is incurable.   Small ulcers will appear under the Pangolins' scales and the scales will begin to fall out.  As it continues to spread and get worse more ulcers will begin to form and necrotic tissue will form around them.  Eventually, the damage to the Pangolin will be too great and they will pass away.  However, the disease does not stop there.  The corpse will decompose rapidly with large patches of necrotic tissue spreading from the ulcers.  All that is left will be an empty dry husk of a pangolin.


The phage spreads quite rapidly.  It seems to spread through the air.  It has been seen to spread between individuals without any direct contact.  It also seems capable of spreading through water supplies.  There was a case of an entire town being infected when an infected individual fell in the local water supply.  


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