Societies and Races

There are many different societies and races that inhabit Golgotha and have inhabited it in the past.  A selection of them are listed below

Current Races

Humans are the most dominant race on Golgotha.  They occupy two of the land masses and have spread to the other two as well.

Formica are the most numerous species on Golgotha due to their colony focused nature.  Most of the colonies they have established have been on one land mass but they have sent ambassadors to other races all over the world and they have begun to branch out.

Pangolins are the least numerous race on Golgotha but they make up for it in size.  They are much larger than the other races.  Most Pangolins reside in the desert traveling around but some have journeyed out and become traders and other things in the lands of other races.

The Hopkin are the most downtrodden race on Golgotha.  They are small, wet, and very agile creatures.  

Current Societies

The Awker Empire is an empire that claims great swaths of land in the south east of Golgotha.  It is mostly composed of pangolins and is currently in conflict with some Formica colonies. 

The Temple of the Venerated is a pauedo-religious organization that has dominion over much of the northern lands.  They are composed of mostly humans but they are open to anyone and seek to spread everywhere.

The Formica Super Colony is a large conglomerate formed our of several different Formica colonies.  The colonies work together for the good of all of them and have developed underground highways between them.

The Hopkin have many tribes strewn about Golgotha.  They are each distinct and separate entities.  They usually stay in remote locations away from others in swamps and other water ways.

Rise is a floating city inhabited by humans.  They are somewhat recluse and do not let strangers into their home.  They are known for their use of technology.

Societies and Races

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